Y-4.  M. Yasuyama, K. Ogawa, and T. Taka, “Spot welding of aluminium and steel sheet with an insert of aluminium clad steel sheet: Dissimilar metal joining of aluminium and steel sheet (1st Report)”, Weld. Int., Vol. 10, No. 12, pp. 963–970, 1996,

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Microstructural Evolution and Effect on Joint Strength in Laser Welding of DP to Aluminium

Given the use of many different metals in the Body in White construction, it is important to understand the effects


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In order to improve the microstructure and mechanical properties of Aluminium/Steel resistance spot weld joints, Qiu


Aluminium/Steel Using Cover Plates

In order to reduce welding current and improve heat balance during resistance spot welding of aluminium alloy to


Aluminium/Steel Using Interlayer

In order to reduce the thickness of brittle intermetallic compound (IMC) formed at Aluminium/Steel interface to


Direct RSW of Aluminium to Steel

Figure 1 shows a typical cross-section of a


Key Issues: RSW Steel and Aluminium Joints

Among various dissimilar material combinations, Al-steel is one of the most desirable combination. This section will


Understanding Differences in Welding Steel vs. Aluminium

The challenges to spot welding of aluminum compared to steel include a tenacious and rapidly forming oxide layer of


Press Hardened Steels Primer

PHS and PQS Overview A Brief Overview of Press Hardening Press hardening (also commonly