S-41.  T.B. Stoughton and  X. Zhu, “Review of theoretical models of the strain-based FLD and their relevance to the stress-based FLD”, International Journal of Plasticity, Volume 20, Issue 8-9, August 2004, p. 1463,


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WorldAutoSteel has a 30-year legacy of steel demonstration all the way back to the


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Our colleagues at JFE Steel recently provided us with a new case study based on laboratory evaluations they


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One of the tasks we took great care in completing during the update of the AHSS Application Guidelines was to


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Improvement by Metallurgical Approaches

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GMAW of Dissimilar AHSS Sheets

This is a summary of a paper of the same title, authored by K. Májlinger, E. Kalácska, and P. Russo Spena, used by p