S-103. E.J. Seo, L. Cho, and B.C. De Cooman, “Application of Quenching and Partitioning Processing to Medium Mn Steel,” Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Volume 46, pages 27–31, 2015,

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Using Martensitic Steels as an Alternative to Press Hardening Steel – Laboratory Evaluations

Our colleagues at JFE Steel recently provided us with a new case study based on laboratory evaluations they


Hot cracking investigation in HSS laser welding with multi-scale modelling approach

This article summarizes the findings of a paper entitled, “Hot cracking investigation during laser welding of h


Improvement by Metallurgical Approaches

The Hole Expansion test (HET) quantifies the edge stretching capability of a sheet metal grade having a specific



Citation: D-2.   Deutsches Institut fur Normung and Euronorm, DIN EN


Dual Phase

Dual Phase (DP) steels have a microstructure consisting of a ferritic matrix with martensitic islands as a hard