R-16R. Rana, “Special issue on ‘Medium manganese steels”, Materials Science and Technology, Volume 35, Issue 17, 2019, 2039-2044,

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Joining Dissimilar Materials Resistance Welding Steel to Aluminium Manufacturing Issues Citations homepage-featured-top main-blog Blog Testing and Characterization Steel Grades AHSS 1stGen AHSS Laser Welding
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Key Issues: RSW Steel and Aluminium Joints

Among various dissimilar material combinations, Al-steel is one of the most desirable combination. This section will



Citation B-77. J. Born, “


High Strain Rate Testing

Dynamic tensile testing of sheet steels is becoming more important due to the need for more optimized vehicle


Benefits of Tailored Products in Automotive Body Construction

Key materials characteristics for formed parts include strength, thickness, and corrosion protection. Tailored



Citation: T-29. S. Tobita, T. Shinmiya, Y. Yamasaki and J. Hiramoto,


Conventional Rule-of-Thumb Calculations Lead to Inaccurate Press Tonnage Predictions

The rule of thumb estimates used in 1989 during my internship with an automotive stamping supplier were simple


Servo Press Force and Energy Considerations When Working With AHSS

Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) products have significantly different forming characteristics and these


Improvement of Delayed Cracking in Laser Weld of AHSS and 980 3rd Gen AHSS

This article is a summary of the paper entitled, “IMPROVEMENT OF DELAYED CRACKING IN LASER WELD OF AHSS AND