M-39.   I. A. Mendieta, M. A. Telleria, J. P. Drillet, J. D. Puerta Velasquez, M. Alsmann, J. Clobes, S. Bruschi, A. Ghiotti, E. C. D.-G. for Research and Innovation, “Green Press Hardening Steel Grades (GPHS): Final Report, European Commission“, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, 2015, 

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Steel E-Motive: A Future Mobility Concept Paving the Way to Net Zero Emissions

Net Zero Emissions by 2050 – it’s a goal for future mobility that can seem distant and daunting. But over the past fi


Die-Free Blanking of Class A Quality & Structural Parts

You’ll find this content as part of our page on



Citation L-63.  Q. Lu, M. Eizadjou, J. Wang, A. Ceguerra,


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WorldAutoSteel has a 30-year legacy of steel demonstration all the way back to the


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Our colleagues at JFE Steel recently provided us with a new case study based on laboratory evaluations they


Conventional Rule-of-Thumb Calculations Lead to Inaccurate Press Tonnage Predictions

The rule of thumb estimates used in 1989 during my internship with an automotive stamping supplier were simple


Process, Microstructure and Fracture Mode of Thick Stack-Ups of Aluminum Alloy to AHSS Dissimilar Spot Joints

This article summarizes a paper entitled, “Process, Microstructure and Fracture Mode of Thick Stack-Ups of


Improvement of Delayed Cracking in Laser Weld of AHSS and 980 3rd Gen AHSS

This article is a summary of the paper entitled, “IMPROVEMENT OF DELAYED CRACKING IN LASER WELD OF AHSS AND


Hot cracking investigation in HSS laser welding with multi-scale modelling approach

This article summarizes the findings of a paper entitled, “Hot cracking investigation during laser welding of h