M-2.  T. Manzenreiter, M. Rosner, T. Kurz, G. Brugger, R. Kelsch, D. Hartmann and A. Sommer, “Challenges and Advantages in Usage of Zinc-Coated, Press-Hardened Components with Tailored Properties,” BHM Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte, vol. 157, pp. 97-101, 01 3 2012,

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High Strain Rate Testing

Three important points collectively highlight the need for high-speed testing:


Bend Testing

Tensile testing cannot be used to determine bendability, since these are different failure modes. Failure in bending


Improvement by Metallurgical Approaches

The Hole Expansion test (HET) quantifies the edge stretching capability of a sheet metal grade having a specific


A New Global Formability Diagram

Bubble chart. Banana diagram. Steel strength ductility diagram—it’s been called a lot of things over the years. But t


Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding (HLAW) Pore Formation and Prevention

This is a summary of a paper by M. Mazar Atabaki, et al, entitled, “Pore formation and its mitigation during



Citation: M-66. M. Mazar Atabaki, J. Ma, W. Liu, R. Kovacevic,


GMAW of Dissimilar AHSS Sheets

This is a summary of a paper of the same title, authored by K. Májlinger, E. Kalácska, and P. Russo Spena, used by p



Citation: M-65. K. Májlinger, E. Kalácska, P. Russo Spena, “Gas met


Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been associated with the future of manufacturing since its inception. While it does