L-54. J. K. Larsson, “Laser welding of press-hardened components,” Presented at European Automotive Laser Applications (EALA) 2014, February 11-12, Bad Nauheim, Germany, 2014. 

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High Energy Density Welding Joining Laser Welding Joining Dissimilar Materials Cutting-Blanking-Shearing-Trimming Testing and Characterization Citations
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Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding (HLAW) Pore Formation and Prevention

This is a summary of a paper by M. Mazar Atabaki, et al, entitled, “Pore formation and its mitigation during


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Given the use of many different metals in the Body in White construction, it is important to understand the effects


Laser Welding

The word “laser” is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” Lasers produce a specia


Laser Blanking

Conventional blanking requires high press forces to shear the sheet metal. As steel strength increases, snap-through


Improvement by Metallurgical Approaches

The Hole Expansion test (HET) quantifies the edge stretching capability of a sheet metal grade having a specific



Citation: M-66. M. Mazar Atabaki, J. Ma, W. Liu, R. Kovacevic,