J-21. K. R. Jo, L. Cho, D. H. Sulistiyo, E. J. Seo, S. W. Kim and B. C. D. Cooman, “Effects of Al-Si coating and Zn coating on the hydrogen uptake and embrittlement of ultra-high strength press-hardened steel,” Surface and Coatings Technology, vol. 374, pp. 1108-1119, 2019,

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Role of Coatings in the Formation of Defects in AHSS Welds

A common issue when welding Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) is with protective coatings causing weld defects. A


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Friction during the stamping process is a key variable which impacts metal flow. It





Effect GA-Coating Evolution PHS

This article summarizes a paper, entitled “Effect of GA-Coating Evolution during Press-Hardening on Fiber


Coating Effects

One of the methods by which the coatings are applied to the steel sheet surface is through a process called


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Many steel parts on a vehicle require corrosion protection, regardless of whether they are exposed or unexposed


Benefits of Tailored Products in Automotive Body Construction

Key materials characteristics for formed parts include strength, thickness, and corrosion protection. Tailored


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