J-21. K. R. Jo, L. Cho, D. H. Sulistiyo, E. J. Seo, S. W. Kim and B. C. D. Cooman, “Effects of Al-Si coating and Zn coating on the hydrogen uptake and embrittlement of ultra-high strength press-hardened steel,” Surface and Coatings Technology, vol. 374, pp. 1108-1119, 2019,

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Role of Coatings in the Formation of Defects in AHSS Welds

A common issue when welding Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) is with protective coatings causing weld defects. A


Coating Friction

Friction during the stamping process is a key variable which impacts metal flow. It





Effect GA-Coating Evolution PHS

This article summarizes a paper, entitled “Effect of GA-Coating Evolution during Press-Hardening on Fiber


Coating Effects

One of the methods by which the coatings are applied to the steel sheet surface is through a process called


AHSS Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Many steel parts on a vehicle require corrosion protection, regardless of whether they are exposed or unexposed


Resistance Spot Welding AHSS to Magnesium

This blog is a short summary of a published comprehensive research work titled:


Resistance Spot Welding: 5T Dissimilar Steel Stack-ups for Automotive Applications

Urbanization and waning interest in vehicle ownership point to new transport opportunities in megacities around the