B-9.  T. Bloom, “Servo-Drive Presses for the Next Generation Press Shop,” presentation prepared by Schuler– Weingarten, A.G., 2008, as shown in A. Groseclose, “New applications for servo-driven presses: Part I: Stamping of automotive components,” Stamping Journal, June 2009, p. 14; 

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Servo Press Force and Energy Considerations When Working With AHSS

Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) products have significantly different forming characteristics and these


High Strain Rate Testing

Dynamic tensile testing of sheet steels is becoming more important due to the need for more optimized vehicle


Vision for Industry 4.0 in Sheet Metal Forming

There is interest in the sheet metal industry on how to adopt Industry 4.0 into their legacy forming practices to



Citation: D-33.  David Diaz-Infante, “