Y-8.  F. Yoshida and T. Uemori, “A model of large-strain cyclic plasticity describing the Bauschinger effect and work hardening stagnation“, International Journal of Plasticity, Volume 18, Issues 5–6, October 2002, Pages 661-686,

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Twinning Induced Plasticity

TWinning Induced Plasticity (TWIP) steels have the highest


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Dynamic tensile testing of sheet steels is becoming more important due to the need for more optimized vehicle


More Reveals of the Steel E-Motive Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration

WorldAutoSteel has a 30-year legacy of steel demonstration all the way back to the



Citation: T-29. S. Tobita, T. Shinmiya, Y. Yamasaki and J. Hiramoto,


What are 3rd Gen AHSS?

One of the tasks we took great care in completing during the update of the AHSS Application Guidelines was to


Hot cracking investigation in HSS laser welding with multi-scale modelling approach

This article summarizes the findings of a paper entitled, “Hot cracking investigation during laser welding of h


A New Global Formability Diagram

Bubble chart. Banana diagram. Steel strength ductility diagram—it’s been called a lot of things over the years. But t


GMAW of Dissimilar AHSS Sheets

This is a summary of a paper of the same title, authored by K. Májlinger, E. Kalácska, and P. Russo Spena, used by p