W-22. L. Wagner, E. Berger, P. Larour, and H. Pauli, “Forming Fracture Limits of AHSS Sheets as Related to Different Characterization Tests,” 11th Forming Technology Forum, Zurich, 2018.

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Roll Forming

Roll Forming takes a flat sheet or strip and feeds it longitudinally through a mill containing several successive


Tube Forming

Manufacturing precision welded tubes typically involves continuous


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There is interest in the sheet metal industry on how to adopt Industry 4.0 into their legacy forming practices to


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Introduction Approaches for forming higher strength steels evolved with the commercialization of increased



Tube hydroforming creates complex shapes by using internal pressure to expand a tube against a die cavity. Frame


Forming Modes

Stamping and die designers are interested in the forming capabilities of the steels they specify. Complex stampings


AHSS Fundamentals in Forming and Joining

In this edition of AHSS Insights, George Coates and Menachem Kimchi get back to basics with important