S-22.  J.H. Sung, J.H. Kim, R.H. Wagoner, “A Plastic Constitutive Equation Incorporating Strain, Strain-Rate, And Temperature,” International Journal of Plasticity 26 (2010) 1746–1771;  

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High Strain Rate Testing

Dynamic tensile testing of sheet steels is becoming more important due to the need for more optimized vehicle


Engineering Stress-Strain vs. True Stress-Strain

Strength is defined as load divided by cross-sectional area. In a tensile test, the choice of when the


AHSS Strain Hardening and Gradients

The mild steel currently being used for sheet metal stampings has higher n-values than High Strength Low Alloy Steel


Citation D-44

D-44. M.F. Dilmore, T.B. Crenshaw, and B.L. Boyce, “