M-66. M. Mazar Atabaki, J. Ma, W. Liu, R. Kovacevic, “Pore formation and its mitigation during hybrid laser/arc welding of advanced high strength steel”, Materials & Design, Volume 67, 2015, Pages 509-521, ISSN 0261-3069,



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Servo Press Force and Energy Considerations When Working With AHSS

Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) products have significantly different forming characteristics and these


Process, Microstructure and Fracture Mode of Thick Stack-Ups of Aluminum Alloy to AHSS Dissimilar Spot Joints

This article summarizes a paper entitled, “Process, Microstructure and Fracture Mode of Thick Stack-Ups of



Citation: W-9.  Luke Walker, Colleen Hilla, Menachem Kimchi, and Wei


Improvement of Delayed Cracking in Laser Weld of AHSS and 980 3rd Gen AHSS

This article is a summary of the paper entitled, “IMPROVEMENT OF DELAYED CRACKING IN LASER WELD OF AHSS AND



Citation: L-62. Linlin Jiang, Kyle Kram, and Chonghua Jiang,


Hot cracking investigation in HSS laser welding with multi-scale modelling approach

This article summarizes the findings of a paper entitled, “Hot cracking investigation during laser welding of h


Tube Forming

Manufacturing precision welded tubes typically involves continuous


High Strain Rate Testing

Three important points collectively highlight the need for high-speed testing:


Bend Testing

Tensile testing cannot be used to determine bendability, since these are different failure modes. Failure in bending