H-17. B.M. Hance and T.M. Link, “Effects of Fracture Area Measurement Method and Tension Test Specimen Type on Fracture Strain Values of 980 Class AHSS,” IDDRG 2019, IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 651 (2019) 012061. 

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Process, Microstructure and Fracture Mode of Thick Stack-Ups of Aluminum Alloy to AHSS Dissimilar Spot Joints

This article summarizes a paper entitled, “Process, Microstructure and Fracture Mode of Thick Stack-Ups of


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Automotive product designers target small radii for springback control, sectional stiffness, packaging constraints,


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Citation: W-9.  Luke Walker, Colleen Hilla, Menachem Kimchi, and Wei


High Strain Rate Testing

Three important points collectively highlight the need for high-speed testing: