F-33. D. W. Fan, H. S. Kim, J.-K. Oh, K.-G. Chin and B. C. De Cooman, “Coating Degradation in Hot Press Forming,” ISIJ International, vol. 50, number 4, pp. 561-568, 2010,

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Conventional Rule-of-Thumb Calculations Lead to Inaccurate Press Tonnage Predictions

The rule of thumb estimates used in 1989 during my internship with an automotive stamping supplier were simple


Microstructural Effects of Adding Colloidal Graphite to Al-Si-Coated PHS

Optimizing weld morphology and mechanical properties of laser welded Al-Si coated 22MnB5 by surface



Citation: C-34. X. Chen, C. Niu, C. Lian, and J Lin,


Shear Fracture

Automotive product designers target small radii for springback control, sectional stiffness, packaging constraints,


Geometric Analysis of Sections – GAS2.0

A New Software Application for Thin Wall Section Analysis Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) grades offer