A-76.  E. Atzema, M. Borsutzki, M. Braun, S. Brockmann, M. Bulter, B. Carlsson, P. Larour, and A. Richter, “A European Round Robin Test for the Hole Expansion Test According to ISO 16630“, Proc. International Conference: New Developments in Sheet Metal Forming, Fellbach, Germany, p. 171-184, 2012.

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High Strain Rate Testing

Dynamic tensile testing of sheet steels is becoming more important due to the need for more optimized vehicle


Bend Testing

Tensile testing cannot be used to determine bendability, since these are different failure modes. Failure in bending


Testing & Characterization

Many demands are placed on automotive body structures which influence the material selection process. The impact on


Tensile Testing



Friction and Friction Testing

Friction is a restraining force that limits metal flow resulting from contact with another surface during sheet


Bulge and Dome Testing

Local necking during uniaxial tensile testing limits the characterization of the stress-strain response to true


RSW Joint Performance and Testing

Acceptable weld integrity criteria vary greatly among manufacturers and world regions. Each AHSS user needs to