A-76.  E. Atzema, M. Borsutzki, M. Braun, S. Brockmann, M. Bulter, B. Carlsson, P. Larour, and A. Richter, “A European Round Robin Test for the Hole Expansion Test According to ISO 16630“, Proc. International Conference: New Developments in Sheet Metal Forming, Fellbach, Germany, p. 171-184, 2012.

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Testing and Characterization Friction RSW Joint Performance Testing
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High Strain Rate Testing

Three important points collectively highlight the need for high-speed testing:


Bend Testing

Tensile testing cannot be used to determine bendability, since these are different failure modes. Failure in bending


Testing & Characterization

Many demands are placed on automotive body structures which influence the material selection process. The impact on


Tensile Testing



Friction and Friction Testing

Friction is a restraining force that limits metal flow resulting from contact with another surface during sheet


Bulge and Dome Testing

Local necking during uniaxial tensile testing limits the characterization of the stress-strain response to true


RSW Joint Performance and Testing

Acceptable weld integrity criteria vary greatly among manufacturers and world regions. Each AHSS user needs to