A-19.  M. A. Ahmad and A. Zakaria, “Optimization of Spot-Welds on Patchwork Blank for Hot Forming Process,Materials, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Research Advances 1.2, Proceedings of the 1st International Materials, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Conference (MIMEC2013), December 4-6, 2013, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, ISBN 9783038265665, 2014.   

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Joining Dissimilar Materials

Multi-material design approach involves using High-Strength Steels and low-density materials, such as aluminium. The



Citation L-63.  Q. Lu, M. Eizadjou, J. Wang, A. Ceguerra,


High Strain Rate Testing

Dynamic tensile testing of sheet steels is becoming more important due to the need for more optimized vehicle


Benefits of Tailored Products in Automotive Body Construction

Key materials characteristics for formed parts include strength, thickness, and corrosion protection. Tailored


More Reveals of the Steel E-Motive Autonomous Vehicle Demonstration

WorldAutoSteel has a 30-year legacy of steel demonstration all the way back to the



Citation: T-29. S. Tobita, T. Shinmiya, Y. Yamasaki and J. Hiramoto,


Conventional Rule-of-Thumb Calculations Lead to Inaccurate Press Tonnage Predictions

The rule of thumb estimates used in 1989 during my internship with an automotive stamping supplier were simple


Process, Microstructure and Fracture Mode of Thick Stack-Ups of Aluminum Alloy to AHSS Dissimilar Spot Joints

This article summarizes a paper entitled, “Process, Microstructure and Fracture Mode of Thick Stack-Ups of


Tube Forming

Manufacturing precision welded tubes typically involves continuous


Bend Testing

Tensile testing cannot be used to determine bendability, since these are different failure modes. Failure in bending